1. The Adult Rob Gould | The Perfect Reaction and the Wisdom of Friends

    I’m lucky.

    When your personality is large, when your moods and emotions—both the luminous and the overcast—run toward the intense, when your astrological chart reads “all fire,” when your love is immense and your dislike is equally engaging, and when your ideas are rarely small and usually loud, it’s important to have people in your life who can regularly give you some perspective.

    As I said, I’m lucky.

    Over the years I’ve accumulated three very important friends. I’ve known them for varying lengths of time and each of them have very distinct and different personalities. With that said, they share one thing in common. They each know how to reach me in a way that is unique and specific to them, all while being equally beneficial to me and sharing a common thread. Their reactions to “me, me, ME,” are at once frustrating and brilliant, but always exactly what I need.

    I feel like they give new and perfect meaning to the phrase,”talking me down.”

    Let me give you an example.

    Me: “Everything is horrible. There is not one good thing about my life right now. Or me. It’s a disaster. Hopeless.”

    The subsequent responses.

    Ian: “You’re a dummy. Of course there is. You’re really tan.”

    Justin: "Oh man, I’m sorry. Can I call you back later?"

    Josh: “Do you have any peanut butter?”

    I don’t think there’s anything else for me to say, except that I really love all three of these people. Most important, they’re essential to my sanity.

    The last two months have been particularly stressful, for both positive and negative reasons, and I could not have made it through them as well as I have without all three of these people.

    Thanks guys.

    I’m really lucky.

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