1. Andrew Taylor, Mike Wiley & Arlin Smith, Eventide Oyster Co. | Social Social, Portland Press Herald

    Andrew and Mike are the chef/owners, and Arlin is the general manager/owner, of Eventide Oyster Co. and Hugo’s.

    Andrew and Mike have been nominated by FOOD & WINE Magazine for The People’s Best New Chef® award. The winners are decided by public vote at FOOD & WINE. The nomination secures Eventide a place in the national spotlight and as one of the country’s most-watched restaurants for 2013.

    European pen pals, spying on kitchens globally, and VOTE!

    As with most of my interviews, what you’ll read here is a greatly condensed version of our conversation.

    What was your first experience with social media?

    Arlin: “I remember I fought everything that ever came out. When IM happened, I wasn’t the cool kid who jumped right in. And, then I slowly started using it and became addicted to it. Then when texting came around, I thought, ‘Why the hell would I want to text? It’s so stupid.’ Now I can’t imagine my life without it.”

    Andrew: “Mike and I always kind of make fun of each other for being misthanthropes. I mean, Mike just started texting six months ago. I’ve definitely always been the last guy with any kind of technology. The last guy with an iPhone.”

    Mike: “I always sort of bristled at this kind of stuff thinking that maybe we already communicated too much. I don’t know, I set up a MySpace page begrudgingly. I think at my girlfriend’s behest. It quickly gathered dust. I didn’t really do much with any of it. I sort of grew up being wary of all that. I was even robotic on the telephone. Still trying to get my head around 19th century technology. Not moving into the social media sphere until very recently.” (MORE)